The Journey Begins

Welcome one, welcome all. First off I’m not the most eloquent person in the world, but I hope you can make some sense out of my madness. This really is just about my walk with God and how He’s leading me to new places and really just life in general, the good and the unpleasant

From a young age I always new my life was different from those of my peers, this wasn’t because I was anything special but rather because of my relationship with God. I couldn’t, and still can’t, go to places my school friends would go. I wouldn’t speak the same way they would or even treat people like they did. Living a life for God isn’t about being better then people, its about giving your all to God and serving Him no mater the cost to self. I have such a burden for people that some times I find it hard to breath… How in the world are we meant to reach all of these people? How do we carry on when everyone around us are hateful and hurting? The answer is Jesus! When everything around us is confusing and falling apart Jesus will always be there to lead the way. I may not be the most intellectual person in the world but as I go through this journey called life I will trust and cling to the author and finisher of my faith, no matter what!